Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sunday night ride?

Anyone up for a 30-35 or so mile ride leaving from my house? 6:00 pm?
Leave a comment if you want to go along.

Friday, November 28, 2008

What a beautiful morning

I am sitting here at my inlaws and I woke up before the sun rose. To see these beautiful mornings like this morning makes me wondering why and the heck I don't ride in the morning more often. Crisp and cool. I love it.

Well, I have been thinking about a new bike and really do I deserve to buy myself a new bike if I am not riding as much as I should be? Absolutely not. I am just in that stage of fitness where it is hard to get into a rythem. Once there I will be fine, but I need to get into the groove. I bet you readers are tired of hearing this from me. I guess I am human.

Happy training.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The snow is fun!

Went out for little jaunt today. I rode the Monocog Flight with 32 X 16 gearing. This is about perfect for me right now in my current fitness, which is very little! I did a clockwise loop out of Gilbert. Things were going well until the last 5-6 miles against the wind and I lost all power it seemed. I was rolling at maybe 8mph pushing against the 25 plus mph winds. My legs had had enough. I am really out of shape right now, but hopefully it should come back if I can stay consistent. Key word... consistent.

Happy training.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ride Announcement

Saturday morning I will be going on a 40-50 mile ride and am wondering if anyone out there would like to go. I have two possible routes in mind. We would leave between 8-9 in the morning and get back about 4-5 hours later. Let me know if you are interested.


Monday, November 17, 2008

How did I get so lucky?

Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself!

Tammy and I finally feel that we are starting to get a handle on everything. What a relief. The last several months have been pretty stressful in some ways. I don't know if it was the election, the economy, our debts, or our income, but I was getting into just a little bit of a funk. Saying that, if you had asked I would have said everything was perfect, but underlying that I had just this little bit of uneasiness. Now that the election is over, I know what my paycheck will be each month (it was unclear in September as Gov. Culver helped out the educators in Iowa!), and we have some very clear goals. I know exactly where I am going now.

This all might sound crazy as I would probably say I have always felt this way, but now I am cranked up to 11. Tammy and I have been monitoring our spending habits very closely the last few months. We have looked at our investments, retirement accounts, debts, and goals. What became astonishingly clear was that we needed to tweak a couple of things to make our goals happen. Like a lot of people we live paycheck to paycheck. That tends to happen a bit more when you only get paid once a month! Goal one was to rid ourselves of all small debts (small credit card balances), two, save more in liquid savings, three, refinance to 15 or 20 year mortgages. If I want to retire in 18 years this must happen.

This probably sounds stupid to y'all. Overall, on a happiness scale of 1 to 100 I normally am about a 99. Right now, I am pushing 99.9.

Now onto stranger things. Being on the list for Trans Iowa is really going to help me set some fitness goals so I can get out there and get training. I plan on reporting back to this blog on a very regular basis now so I can keep you all informed.

Now.... keep me accountable to my goals! %^)

Happy training.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time to get going!

Well, I am now on the Trans Iowa roster so I better get my rear in gear. I started with a run this morning and then hit up a local bar to watch football with the guys. That counts right?

I hope to get back to making many more updates in my goal towards completing the nearly impossible Trans Iowa bike ride! I hope to be posting about some upcoming rides so hopefully some of us can get together soon!

Happy training.