Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunday ride!

I am looking at going out for a nice long ride on Sunday around noon! If you would like to join me leave a comment or give me a call!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This week.

Well, the training has really begun now for my cycling events coming up in the coming months. This week I ran 5 miles on Tuesday followed by a 20 mile ride, same for Thursday. On Saturday I ran 10 miles and then today, Sunday rode just under 50 miles of wonderful gravel. Here is how it went today.

Paul Varnum, Matt Maxwell, Stephen Carney, and Nick Wethington met at my place for what was to be 30-40 miles. It was about 18 degrees with a 5 mph wind from the north, sunny skies and PERFECT gravel. Why is it that frozen gravel is so nice to ride on? We headed north and after about 10 miles Paul took off for home as the pace was just a bit fast. I know I was working to keep up. I ride a single speed with 32 X 16 gearing so 14-15 mph is about my max unless I am getting pushed by the wind. So I was pushing hard to keep up with Matt and Nick on their skinny tired cross bikes and Stephen had his SUPER sweet Cannondale Scalpel that he bought from professional racer, Sonya Looney. I think it is 22-23 lbs for a full suspension.

What I loved about this ride so far was that I was feeling pretty good even though I was having to push somewhat hard to keep up. Nick was leading the way most of the time and I am sure he was just cruising at a casual pace. He just finished the Arrowhead Ultra 135 so he is in top form right now and it showed. We felt good so we just kept on going up to Stanhope, Iowa. We took a break and I had fried potatoes and chicken strips for lunch! Yummee salt!

We took off for home as I was a little late. As in, I was already suppose to be home to eat the awesome lunch my wife was making. Opps. It was REALLY good once I got home though! We were trucking it home, but being tired I lost ground occasionally with Matt, Nick, and Stephen, but these guys are studs so I didn't feel so bad only losing a 1/4 to a half a mile to them.

I got home and Tammy wasn't upset as it was such as awesome day. I have a great wife! And.... her soup really hit the spot!

I loved today as I got worked over real well. Exactly what I needed!

I guess we will see what this week brings on the training front! I will likely only be updating this blog on Sundays. I am a member of facebook and that takes up some of my computer time, but I am trying to be training instead of being on the computer!

Happy training!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am sorry for the lack of posting. I haven't had much time. Here is a quick note on what has been up!

Went to CO to go skiing for a week! I had the time of my life! Got back and had 220 emails at work and was VERY busy catching up! I didn't run or ride for two weeks. I went and ran a 5k. I wanted 21:30, but the lack of two weeks off led to 22:30. Pretty depressing as it wasn't that long ago I ran a half marathon at that pace! That isn't bragging that is ripping on my 5K!!! BUT, it was very good for me as it showed me that I can't take time off and expect much and that I have to be consistent. After the race I went on a 15 mile gravel grinder. This past Sunday I did another 15 miler. Gravel is awesome, but wet.

Today, Tuesday, I ran 4 miles and then followed through on my promise. I donate plasma for extra cash once or twice a week so I promised myself that if I wanted the money from donating plasma then I had to commute. So, after my run I rode the 9 miles to the plasma center and back. It is a great commute of 3 miles of gravel, side walks, trails, and lonely city streets.

I hope to get out for a ride on Saturday or Sunday morning. Likely Sunday morning. If you want to join in on the fun I am looking at 35-45 miles of gravel.

Happy training!