Sunday, November 25, 2007

It is about time!

Got home from a long Thanksgiving vacation and went for an hour and a half bike ride tonight. Everything felt good other than I can tell I have been sitting on my butt the last two weeks! I need to get a few good rides in before December 8's Trans Iowa Tune Up Ride which will be 100+ miles of gravely goodness with twelve 10+ percent grade climbs. This should be a good ride.

Tonight's ride was a little cool at 34 degrees, but being dressed appropriately helped. I actually was very comfortable, but my toes were hurting as they thawed out when I got home. That truly is very painful as I am sure you have experienced it as well if you are reading this blog! I didn't where my boots over my shoes so with those and some gray tape I should be good to go. I really should get some very used size 10 shoes (which would be about a size too big) so I can wear some nice thick socks without my feet feeling squished. Anyone have some size 10 cycling shoes that they have just about thrown out and would like to sell cheap?

I went over to McFarland Park and rode the single track at night. Without a great headlight it was an adventure. The lights I have worked, but I really need to get a decent light for single track. Once again, I am loving the single speed and the Flight 29er. I say that almost every post, but I just can't get over the big wheels and the extra effort it takes to climb with the ss. What fun.

As for the Trans Iowa Tune Up Ride on December 8th. Dave Nice and Chris Plesko from Colorado are considering driving the 10-11 hours to IOWA to ride our gravel so we need as many people as possible. Even if you want to ride just a bit. So far Dave Pals (co director of Trans Iowa) is for sure,Andrew Carney of Ames is a maybe, and Matt Maxwell (who is for sure!) are coming. Anyone else up for some gravelly goodness? The roads are in great shape, but the temps are getting cold! Please leave a comment here, email me at thejacobsons at or call me at 515 233 3058. The more the merrier, even if you just want to ride part of it (Emily? Alex? OP?)

If you are interested in coming you are more than welcome to stay at my house both Friday and Saturday night if you would like. On the ride we will be leaving Gilbert at 6:00 AM and we will be back, depending on conditions, in about 10 hours or so. There will be a stop at 50 miles or so, but it is in a town of just a few hundred people and they have a gas station/grocery store we will plan on stopping in. Trust me, this town (Le High) isn't much. About 15 miles later there is another town (Stratford) a mile and a half off the course with a Kum and Go so we could at least get some rolling wieners! %^)

The course will be around 107 miles or so and it will be a fun one, but certainly not an easy hundy that is for sure!

Happy training.

PS. I see that EnduroSnob is hanging up the blogosphere for a while. Last time I did that I lasted about three days! I hope he continues it as I have enjoyed reading his blog for over two years now. It almost seems like you get to know people through their blogs. It is weird.


the inebriationist said...

A week later and I might make it. Have fun.

I hope I can drag you guys out for a ride whilest I'm back.

Paul said...

No problem! I can't wait! I will be busing on Saturday the 15th until about 4, but after that I am game.

Cellarrat said...

Paul I be doin my best to get there for this ride...

even if it means grey hound