Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sore Ribs Suck

It has now been a week and a half since my little crash. My ribs are still hurting pretty bad. As of this past Monday, they were doing a little better until I watched a Robin Williams DVD and then I was pretty sore the next morning from all the laughing (if you have had bruised or broken ribs you know exactly what I am talking about). Then on Wednesday I mowed the lawn. BIG mistake. I ended up mowing the second half of it with one hand and the jarring from the handle was rattling my ribs like crazy. Since then I have been very sore. I don't sleep well at all and getting in and out of bed is horrible. I hope to be back riding in a couple of weeks, but as of right now things are not looking good for the Seven Oaks 12 hour. I certainly will not be in good shape even if I am pain free. This sucks.

But, I did see that there will be a Trans Iowa V.5! Sweet!


Mark said...

Man up!! You wuss:)

looks awesome man. I'm heading to Alpine, AZ Oct 3rd to go biking. Pinetope which is by Alpine was raided number 3 for mountain biking so I figured I'd better check it out.

Hope your doing well

Paul said...

Man up is right! I sure wish I could join you!

You should see what McGuire just did!
Check out the Leadville 100 at He did pretty darn well!

Steve Fuller said...

Take your time and heal properly. There will be a 24 hour race at 7 Oaks next year too. It would suck to hurt yourself worse and be stuck not feeling good over the winter.

Are you planning on TI V5? The part of me that just doesn't learn well is really thinking about it.

Paul said...

Of course I am doing TI V.5. That is my top priority every year. You must do it Steve. You certainly have it in you! Now, if the weather can just cooperate! %^)