Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vacation Time

We are up at Ottertail Lake in northwestern Minnesota this week. On Sunday I rode a metric century to Inspiration Point and back. This is Minnesota's second highest point and was a great ride. Ottertail County literally has a 1000 lakes and so there is hardly a straight road any where so it was a ton of fun. Yesterday I rode some new singletrack just outside of Wadena. This single track was ok, but is pretty new so there is a lot of branches that need to be trimmed and weeds to be mowed, but it has potential. There must have been about 6 miles worth. Hopefully I will be going to Maplelag tomorrow, but we will have to see. I am with 80 of my inlaws so getting away isn't always easy.

Happy training.


SquidBuzz said...


Sorry to say, but I have to pull the plug on the Levis Trow race. =(

I was hoping to be able to make it up there, but fitness, finances and work have come in the way.

Good Luck though and hope to see you soon.

Paul said...

I am sorry to hear that! It would have been great riding with you.

I am hoping the conditions will be ok. I am asking around on mtbr, but am still waiting to hear. There will not be any riding on nearly any single track in Iowa for at least another month or two.

Good luck with your training.

bontrag said...

Hey Paul. Sorry to add to your drop out list, but I won't be able to race for some health reasons. Hope to catch a ride with you soon.