Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Time for an update

I have been back from vacation now for about a week and a half so I will try for a bit of a recap.

On Thursday the 19th I took my brother in law up to Maplelag in northwestern Minnesota. It was about an hour from our cabin on Ottertail Lake so it wasn't too far. If you ever get a chance to go to Maplelag it is AMAZING. Their single track is good, but the resort is what is a amazing. If I liked to cross country ski it would be worth the 8 hour drive to stay there for a long weekend. It was voted the best cross country ski resort in the country and I can believe it. It is beautiful! There cabins are awesome and their meeting center and dining hall has room to feed well over a 1000 and they have a professional kitchen that would make any restaurant owner drool. Next year when we are "Up North" I will take off for Maplelag again for sure.

Check out Doug Swanson ripping it up at Maplelag:

When the weekend came I was still game for going to Levis Trow. But, then on Monday I got word that a couple of the guys I was trying to recruit were not going to be able to go. Plus, my daughter was leaving for Challenge 08 in Salt Lake City on Saturday, the day of the race. I just couldn't see myself not saying good bye and being selfish being way at a race. Also, being over 5 hours away I decided not to make the trip by myself. I only biked maybe 30 miles during the week. I was bummed, but relieved at the same time.

After this weekend I talked with my friend Jim McGuire and with all the training he is doing for Leadville and possibly the B-63 at Breckenridge I decided to get my butt going again. So, I have been a commuting like a mad man lately. So far this week I have been putting in 30+ mile days. In the next couple of weeks I hope to make the trip up to the border of Minnesota to finish off the GRAID route. I hope to do a race or two in August, but man the calendar is full!

One July 24th I will be leaving for Vail, Co. and I the bike, and MAYBE a rented Cannondale Rush will be making the trip! I can't wait to hit up some serious single track!

We will see what happens in the coming weeks. I am off work for 3 weeks starting July 12. I can't wait!

Happy training.


Carney said...

No Laramie Enduro?

You should do the Boone 24 solo this year!!

Paul said...

Nope. I didn't get my register in early enough. I thought I could possibly get on the list, but I put that off was well. My race plans have gone down the drain this month.

Steve Fuller said...

Some of us are thinking about a 24 hour team for Boone this year with some fellows from here in DM if you're interested. More for the experience and the challenge than anything.

Travel Gravel said...

Paul, are you doing the G-Ted Death Ride? I might be taked into that instead of RAGBRAI. Hit my blog with a yes/no. Later!