Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Grand Traverse

Met up with Andrew and Stephen Carney this morning for a ride. We took the gravel road up Vail Mountain to ride the Grand Traverse (see video below). We climbed about 4000 feet to get to the top, but it certainly was worth it. The Grand Traverse was the best single track of my life. While Meadow Mountain had the aspen trees the Grand Traverse had several miles of very fast single track. The trail was the perfect angle as we barely had to touch our breaks and flew down 6 inch wide, buff single track. We made a stop and I felt like I had a smile on my face that just wouldn't stop. I was chuckling like a school girl I was so happy. I have had so much fun riding.... ever.

Once Andrew, Stephen and I finished up the Grand Traverse we then had nearly a 3000 foot decend into the Vail Valley. We took the road for parts of it, but also rode some great single track on the way down. We ended up getting rained on with about 4 miles or so to go to get back to the condo. It was a cold and muddy ride, but we were still feeling great about the ride!

Pics to come next week.

Happy training.


Carney said...

Find any more quality trails?

Have you sold a kidney to buy that rush yet? :)

Paul said...

Well, I have some bad news. On Wednesday I took the gravel road up a ways with my brother in law and I took a trail down. He was sitting at the end of the trail, while I was still coming down. I stopped in front of him but for whatever reason, I endoed again. I was only going a few miles per hour, but the trail was steep enough I just put too much weight forward while unclipping. I the mean time I hit something square into my ribs and OUCH! I have been sore ever since.

Some trails that I wanted to do, but missed out on was Two Elks and the North Trails. Next time. A full report to follow soon.