Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am it.

I got tagged by Andrew and Cory so I better step up!

Where was I ten years ago?

I was just starting my second year as a high school guidance counselor at Colo-NESCO High School in Colo, Iowa. I was 27 years old and loving life. I was an avid rock climber and had just climbed some great routes at Devils Tower, Wyoming. At the time I was living in Nevada, Iowa. My daughter, Paula, was entering the 1st grade and I was thinking that she would be in high school in no time as it was seeming that time was flying! She is currently a sophomore!

What are 5 non work related items on your list today?
1. Walk 3-4 miles with my wife.
2. Pack for camping trip for Friday night.
3. Check blogs.
4. Check on my fantasy football team.
5. Go to my daughter's volleyball game.

Snacks I enjoy.

1. Mixed nuts
2. Movie popcorn
3. Reese's PB Cup Blizzards
4. Fat Tire
5. Fruit
6. Chips sometimes.

Things I would do if I was a billionaire:

1. I would take care of all of my extended family so that they would never have to worry about money again unless they wasted what I gave them.

2. I would set up a scholarship fund for all students from Forest City High School (my alma mater), Colo-NESCO High School (my first guidance counselor job was here) and Gilbert High School. My current employer. I ensure that at least half of the tuition was paid for for every year a student wanted to go to college. This is one of the easiest ways to make a huge impact in the future of our kids in my opinion.

3. I would have the high school hire at least another counselor and I would see what I could do to have a flexible schedule so I could take a vacation whenever I wanted, but I would keep my same job. I feel like I have won the lottery with my job anyway.

4. I would buy homes throughout the world and I would let all of my friends and family stay there as much as they wanted.

5. I would set up a training school for all students that dropped out of high school who truly realized that they need to make a change in their life. I would do everything I could to make this happen.

6. I would make my money work for me so that I could help even more people out.

Places I have lived

Forest City, Iowa
Mason City, Iowa
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Nevada, Iowa
Colo, Iowa
Gilbert, Iowa

Places I have worked
Growing up I had three different paper routes. Two of them at the same time for a six year period.
I walked beans and rode a bean bar for many years as a child.
I detasselled corn for 14 years in a row.
I made pizza and delivered pizza.
I worked at a gas station for two weeks and got fired when I disagreed with the owner on how they were taxing people for food they were not suppose to.
I worked in food service at college for 6 months before getting a job as a youth counselor at a children's psychiatric hospital. I did this for a year and a half before moving to Cedar Falls.
I worked at UPS in Cedar Falls.
I taught seventh grade science, taught chemistry and physics labs and was an at risk teacher for four years.
I have been a high school guidance counselor for 10 years. I just started on my 11th year.
But, job number one is being a husband and father.

Steve and Mark, you are it.


Travel Gravel said...

How many people do you suppose rode a bean bar? What a right of passage! The smell of diesel smoke, herbicide, and morning dew just has a way of staying with ya! Later!

Mark said...

So what do I have to do if I'm it? Lie about how I would still work if I was a billionaire?

It only takes 10 days to count to a million, but 37 years to count to a billion. :)

Paul said...

Start counting buddy! %^)

Mark said...

You know what? I just thought about this. You are over a billion seconds old now. You will be 1.27 billion seconds old tomorrow.

A billion seconds old balls......gross

Paul said...

Hey, a billion isn't that old! %^)