Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where I have been and what I have been doing.

I don't know if anybody ever checks this thing anymore, but I thought I would write up a quick note on what has been going on.

After bruising my ribs in Vail I didn't ride for a month. Looking back, I was a wuss. I could have rode some, especially on the road and not on the gravel or single track, but it was sore breathing harder than at rest so I didn't do it. Then, I decided to ride on a team at the 12 hours of Iowa at Seven Oaks. I am very familiar with the trails so I felt pretty good about TRYING it out. My first lap was pretty slow as I was all of a sudden scared to crash with my sore ribs. After the first lap was done I then was feeling much better, but also was very out of shape. I had NO power at all and was riding a good 5-10 minutes slower per lap than normal. BUT, I was riding nearly pain free.

After the race I was tender for a few days after putting in the 5 laps (someday I will be in shape for this race!). School has begun and I am working my ass off. I have a secretary this year, the first time ever, so I am loving it as I am more productive, but it does take some time to prepare and train her too. Fortunately, I absolutely love my job and I have been extremely dedicated to that, going to my daughter's volleyball game, organizing my Students Against Destructive Decisions weekend bashes, and RUNNING! Yes, I am actually back running and am currently much more excited about that than getting back on the bike (at the moment).

During the times I am grilling I have converted my Monocog Flight back into a single speed and put my Ibex back together. I also sold two of my old bikes. One was a Park Pre from the mid nineties, and my old Panasonic from 1985. I sold the Panasonic for 25 dollars less than what I paid for it!

Anyway, things are going very well, I just haven't felt like riding or writing. I am still checking people's blogs and everything. I just haven't had much to say on the blog lately.

Happy training.


Travel Gravel said...

Hey Paul! Good to hear you're busy. Shaping and helping kids is a hard job. Your efforts will be worth it. I have a case of no-ridems myself! I have Pronator Syndrome in my left arm. No gripping power, so no way to climb much. Still riding gravel here and there. See you sometime on the road? Gravel that is! Later!

Carney said...

Hey Paul, I don't know how your riding/running will change throughout the fall but I know my brother is looking for people to go on gravel rides with. So if you're ever looking for someone to ride with I know he would be interested.

Reflector Collector said...

Hey Paul.. good to know that you are still around. I imagine with school starting, that's been a bit of a preoccupation too?!!

Mark said...

Hey everyone has about the same thing happening in their lives. Wake-Work-Sleep-Repeat. Sarah and I can barely find the time for making our porn videos!!:)

Steve Fuller said...

Glad to hear that you are still alive. Figured you were busy with school and stuff and we'd see a post sooner or later. :) If you're running, you should come down on November 2nd for the Dirty Duathlon. :)

Paul said...

Wow. My friends, and my own dirty minded brother, are still reading. Thanks!

Gravelo, I am sorry about your hand! Hopefully we can get out soon and enjoy some nice flat, smooth gravel!

Carney, I will be calling Stephan very soon. After my 25 miler tonight I am feeling the urge.

Collector, I appreciate you chiming in! Will I be seeing you this spring Williamsburg! I sure hope I get to ride with you again this year!

Steve, I will certainly consider the Dirty Duathlon as I think that is the only weekend until Christmas that I don't already have plans! %^(

More to come guys!

the inebriationist said...

Good to know you're still out there. I'm going to be back Oct 31 through Nov 8th. Perhaps we could get a trail run in together.