Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am sorry for the lack of posting. I haven't had much time. Here is a quick note on what has been up!

Went to CO to go skiing for a week! I had the time of my life! Got back and had 220 emails at work and was VERY busy catching up! I didn't run or ride for two weeks. I went and ran a 5k. I wanted 21:30, but the lack of two weeks off led to 22:30. Pretty depressing as it wasn't that long ago I ran a half marathon at that pace! That isn't bragging that is ripping on my 5K!!! BUT, it was very good for me as it showed me that I can't take time off and expect much and that I have to be consistent. After the race I went on a 15 mile gravel grinder. This past Sunday I did another 15 miler. Gravel is awesome, but wet.

Today, Tuesday, I ran 4 miles and then followed through on my promise. I donate plasma for extra cash once or twice a week so I promised myself that if I wanted the money from donating plasma then I had to commute. So, after my run I rode the 9 miles to the plasma center and back. It is a great commute of 3 miles of gravel, side walks, trails, and lonely city streets.

I hope to get out for a ride on Saturday or Sunday morning. Likely Sunday morning. If you want to join in on the fun I am looking at 35-45 miles of gravel.

Happy training!


Adam said...

I think that the 5k and 10k distances are the first to go when you take a break. But, they are the first to come back when you get back into the swing!

Man, I can only imagine how soft the gravel roads are.... I'm sure that they'll freeze over again soon enough. hehe

chauncey said...

Anyone that forces themselves to ride by promising a good painful prick in the arm as reward deserves respect. You're tough as nails Paul, tough as nails.

Paul said...

Yeah, Chauncey ;^), you know I am about as weak as a tooth pick!