Thursday, June 28, 2007

Where is he.

Sorry I haven't written. I am back from vacation. I did some nice riding and put in some nice single track at a beautiful state park in north western Minnesota. I got home and the next day I went and rode some awesome single track at 7 oaks. I was really riding well and felt strong. I felt like I had a lot of laps in my legs. Ever since I haven't done a thing, but worked my butt off and try to stay caught up on my classes that I am taking. Why and the hell do I do this to myself?!!? Here I make more money than I ever have, but I keep working my ass off and do less than when I was broke?!!? I need to get some Fking things in prospective.

Give me one of those BKB kits damn it. JK.

Once again Nine mile is on my anniversary. Shucks.

Not so happy training for me.

Leaving for a week in Phoenix with no bike. Darn.


Simmons said...

A Nine Mile entry fee sure would be a good anniversary present Mrs. Jacobson :)

Cornbread said...

Bring those running shoes along for the trip to Phoenix.

BTW, welcome back.

Paul said...

currently at an apple store using an iphone. Pretty cool!

the inebriationist said...

Hey Paul! Are you up for the Guitar Ted Death Ride? It's August 4th and I think Matt is planning on going. It will be my last ride before I move...shameless poke to guilt you into going.