Thursday, July 12, 2007

I am back... kinda

Well, after being in northern Minnesota for a week we were back at home for a week. Then we headed towards Phoenix for a week to my brothers wedding! What a blast. I did get some running in, but it was already 90 by 6 am with highs around 115 to 120 every day we were there. Heck, if I would have brought my bike my tires would have melted for sure! %^)

Here are some pics of the family.

Mark is good friends with professional ultimate fighter Victor Vincelette. All I can say is he could put me in a very unhappy place in a hurry! The dude is as solid as a rock. He nearly ripped my arm off when I shook his hand. Believe it or not he used to be a 5th grade teacher. SCARY!

So, Jim McGuire and I are heading to Breckenridge in a little over a week to do the B63. It should be a good time. Sixty-three miles of single track at altitude should be a good kick in the junk. I just wish I was in shape!

Sorry to the local guys, I have been on another planet for a while.

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