Wednesday, August 29, 2007

12 Hours of Seven Oaks

Well, just a few days to go and it will be my first 12 hour race! We will see if I can actually ride a bike for 12 hours!!! Seriously, I am not in any kind of shape right now so I will probably suck it up, but who cares. I am just going for the fun and experience. I will give it my best shot! My goal is to ride 7-8 laps depending on the course conditions. If I can do that I will be very happy. I was able to borrow some lights so hopefully everything will go well at night.

I am sorry to report there will be no Monocog, but I am getting closer to paying it off so I hope to have it in my hands by the end of September. Matt and I talked about some crazy things we could do to the bike for TI V.4 and I am very excited about it. We will see what happens! I can't wait for the training to begin. I just need to start working a bit less and for the nice, cool weather to come.

I hear the trails got beat up pretty badly at 7 Oaks, but that the race director is camping there all week to work on the trails. A buddy of mine went there this past weekend (Monday?) and found three huge trees down on the first hill and then the long flat section had been completely under water and was a mud bog. Let's hope that dries up a bit! I am confident the course will be in pretty good shape, but the trails can be pretty hard with even a bit muddy as the clay gets pretty slick.

My money is on Squirrel to take it all in the 24!


Travel Gravel said...

I bought my 6 pack of Boost today. Hope it serves me well. I never thought it out but the 12 hour option is a pretty good one. Suffer 12/party 12. Can I switch my registration? See you out there! Later!

Paul said...


It will be a blast! I can't wait!

You will love the Boost. You will get a kick of energy from it like never before!