Thursday, August 23, 2007

First day of school

Well, I started my 14th year of school today. My 10th as a counselor. It was a wonderful day, but I have been back the last couple of weeks working like crazy again and it looks to be another very busy year. Sometimes I feel like totally giving up any chance of trying to exercise. Yesterday I was working for 15 hours. Crazy. I am also the heaviest I have ever been. Coincidence? I am not working out at all really, but I am still considering doing the 12 hour at 24 hours of Seven Oaks. It will be funny, but I am mainly going for the beer anyway. It will depend on the rain this next week. Yes, I am a wimp.

I hope to see you guys at a DRY Seven Oaks next week.


Emily said...

hey paul, alex and i were thinking about a ride tomorrow. maybe down to slater and then on the heart of iowa trail for a while. alex wants to keep it under 3 hours, so you should be able to squeeze that in, right? i'm free all day, i don't know what alex's schedule is like....... you?

Paul said...


I am sorry, but I am headed up to the Twin Cities for the weekend. Darn family obligations! %^)

Are you racing next weekend at 7 Oaks?

Travel Gravel said...

Paul, It seems to me that you found a liquid fuel on Trans-Iowa that you liked? What was that? It was on your now-dead blog. Hope to see you at the big 2 4!

Paul said...

Dear Travel-

I use GuO2 for my fluids, but also every 4 hours or so I use Boost which can be bought at Walmart. Boost is incredible. You should give it a shot.

If it is dry I will be at 7 Oaks!

gjc said...

Paul, you love riding in the mud. Be there wet or dry.

so, will you be on the 29er?

Travel Gravel said...

Thanks Paul, for the Boost tip. I found it to have different qualities. I assume that the high protein is the one you used? And what about it, are we gonna see the Flying Booger at the race? Later!