Thursday, August 16, 2007

God Made Me Do It!

That is what I will tell the wife when she finds out! %^)

Seriously, she knew that I was going to do it. Just not today.

So, I put some money down on this:

I will be paying for it in chunks so I won't have it for a while, but I finally made the move! You see. Last weekend I rode at Seven Oaks and Alex, with his Kona 29er, was flying through the trails talking about how the bike just flies through there. Just behind Alex was Cory and he was talking about how his single speed, along with the rigid fork, was maybe even better than his super tricked out Cannondale Rush. Then the next day I decided to take Cory's advice and I rode Seven Oaks in one gear. I was a little conservative as I am a spinner and not a masher so I went with 32 X 22. I think I was flying through the course faster than ever and it felt easier. Plus, Alex was riding is older Bontrager steel frame and he was going on and on about how much he loves the steel. That is it. I had to do it.

I had time today and went to Des Moines. We made a deal for $725 bucks at Scheel's (normally $899). I have four months to pay for it under their lay away program. I sure hope it doesn't take me that long!

When I was at Scheel's I took the bike out for about 30 minutes riding all over the place. I found a large rock pile from some landscaping project that was going on and I rode all over the pile. That sold me. Plus, the bike just rolled. I could definitely feel the momentum of the big wheels. It didn't slow down as fast as my 26er that is for sure.

So, I have entered the single speed, 29er world. Now I just have to be patient. I will tell you... it was hard not just charging the damn thing!


Paddy Humenny said...

it's about damn time fella!

Travel Gravel said...

You're going to turn to a new chapter in your riding story. Everything else will be what you used to ride! Good luck waiting like a good kid would. Later!

Endurosnob said...

All I can do is smile!!

Paul said...

Trust me... I was like a giddy little school girl just putting $200 bucks down on the bike! Like I told the salesman, it was like buying a new car, but better!

I can't wait!

the inebriationist said...

"Sexual chocolate!"

Dunno what that means, but there it is.

gjc said...

One gear! one gear! one gear! You will love it. So, will this be the
TI V4 training bike?

Taugimba said...

Glad you've seen the light! Let us rejoice for another has joined the flock.

Paul said...

This will become the TI bike! I can't wait to get it!

bontrag said...

Hey Paul. Sorry I don't get over to your site enough. Nice work. I wonder if people tune me out after awhile of my bike/frame babbling. I'm super glad it motivated you to get it. I love the color, add a little gray into the paint mix and you got Surly bean green. Now, all we gotta do is get you to try this:

Take care.