Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The past couple of weeks!

Sorry, I have been training! I just haven't spent the time to post. Sorry.

On the last update I wrote that I was having some troubles with my shin. I am feeling 100 percent again and am back in marathon training. I won't be running the best marathon ever, but that is ok.

Also, in the last post I talked about a gravel race near Winterset. Let's just say it was 35 degrees and raining and sleeting. I bailed at the halfway point with about 10 other guys. It wasn't worth it for me! I was sick for a good week after that!

This past weekend I did a metric century with Stephen Carney. I converted the Monocog Flight over to a 1 X 8 for Trans Iowa and it rocked! I feel I have about the ideal bike for me for Trans Iowa. We averaged over 14 mph which is good for me! I took Sunday off the bike, but did do a run of 6 miles. On Monday, Tuesday and now today on Wednesday I rode for 25-35 miles each day and ran another 5 today.

I have set a new goal for training for Trans Iowa. Starting today I set a goal of riding 25 miles on 25 different days until the day of the race (May 2). Of course, I will be getting some longer rides in for sure, but one thing I have learned about Trans Iowa is that the guys that commute seem to do really well at Trans Iowa. So, I essentially have 25 of 43 days that I need to ride 25 miles or more. That is a pretty big goal for myself. I will have my work cut out for me! But.... the dividends may be priceless!

March running calendar
March 20 = 7 miles
March 22 = 10 miles
March 24 = 7 miles
March 26 = 7 miles
March 29 = 14 miles
March 31 = 5 miles

If I can keep this up I should be in the best shape of my life come June.

Now... if I could only lose about 7 lbs or so!

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