Saturday, March 7, 2009

What I have been up to!


Since my last post I have been working a ton! In a week and a half I put in 6 14-15 hour days. In between those days I went snowmobiling in the UP of Michigan for three days. This does not lend itself to training! Doh! So, here is the run down.

Since the last post I went for a 5 mile run and had a good one along with a 25 mile ride afterwords. Two days later I ran another 5 and did another 25 mile ride. After the run I was feeling the effects of a stress reaction in my left shin. I have had two stress fractures in my shins before and knew I had to take a break from the running. I then took a week off from the running and then came the week from hell for work hours so I have only run once in two weeks. My plan of running the marathon may be going out the window. I need to get running if I am going to do it. I think I may be healed though so that is good. We will see.

On the riding front, I have been doing ok, but need to be riding more now that my work hours have calmed down. Two weekends ago now I went for a metric century ride with Nick and Matt. We had about 20 mph winds from the north and we rode HARD for 25 miles straight into it. This is when riding a single speed really works you over! I felt pretty strong considering and felt good. The ride back with the wind was nice, but it was still some work spinning out trying to keep up. I finished the ride being right on the edge of bonkville as I wasn't taking in many calories which was the goal. I am trying to do more rides with just water and less calories for now trying to teach my body to just run on my bodies own energy stores so that when I do eat it will be as efficient as possible. I don't know if that will work, but I am trying it.

After that ride I did another 25 miler two days later, but then took off 10 days! Last night I went for a ride for an hour. I was happy to have averaged 14.5 mph on the gravel. With gears I think I would have been in the mid 15's as I was spinning out for half the ride. Today I will be getting some miles in and tomorrow I have a metric century gravel race in the hills around Winterset. Since it will likely be raining I will get worked over for sure, but that is ok. I certainly won't be racing, but will just be riding hard to have some fun.

I should be riding quite a bit now that work has calmed down.... but I have said that before!

Happy training.

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