Friday, October 12, 2007


I would like to go on a 40-50 mile gravel ride on Saturday morning leaving around 8-9 am. If you are in leave a comment. I am thinking on riding over to the Colo area and then south around Indian Creek and towards Maxwell then back to Ames.


bontrag said...

Hey Paul. Hope you had a good ride Saturday. I headed down to the cross race in Des Moines. I took those tires, the 700x40s, off my Surly. So if you'd want to try them you're welcome to try the ones I've already started using. Just thought I'd offer. Have a good one.

Paul said...

Hey, we need to get together. I would love to pick up those tires and I owe you $20. I should have gotten it to you when we rode last weekend. I am still interested!

I will try to make it your way on Tuesday or Wednesday.

bontrag said...

Oh that's fine. You can still just try them for awhile to see if you like them, either way works for me. They're just sitting in my "tire closet" :)