Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Saturday Gravel Grinder

I am planning a Saturday afternoon Gravel Grinder of about 60 miles. We will start around 1:00 give or take 10 minutes and then follow head over to McFarland Park to take the double track over to OP's house to pick him up! HINT to OP! We will then head east on 170th until near Fernald and then will follow the roads south near Indian Creek. We can stop for a water break if we need to at Hickory Grove Park outside of Colo. We will then head back west heading towards Kelley and then come into Ames from the west on Ontario. Then we can grab a drink somewhere if we want before I head back to Gilbert. Let me know if you are in! I am guessing it will take around 4:45-5 hours at my speed.

Here is a route slip map!

Matt, Alex, OP, Emily? Everyone is welcome! The more the merrier!



bontrag said...

Hey Paul. I think Matt usually works, and I haven't heard from Emily in awhile, you probably have to call her, I don't think she checks the blogs much.

Do you think the gravel is going to be mush? I'm thinkin I'll try to get up there, 60 should be a good jaunt, haven't done that in awhile. If I'm not there right at 1 though I wussed out, and you should leave with out me, I won't be late if I'm coming. I'll also try to call if I can't go.

Paul said...

Sounds great! I will be taking off around one so if you are here I will take off. Don't look for me on that route though. I may do something different if you don't show. Either way, I just want to get a ride in.

bontrag said...

Great, it looks to be a really nice day. You should try Emily though, she might be up for it.

I'll be there a little before one.

Paul said...

I don't have emily's number. I know you gave it to me once, but I didn't put it into my phone. Can you call her?


Squirrel said...

Emily had a crazy ass crash at Homie Fall Fest....check the videos out here fun stuff. I think she may be coming to our Spooky Woods Ride here in DSM Saturday night....I on the other hand can't make it either I'm working the day job and hunting till the ride goes down:) Peace and be Safe!!