Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What I should be doing every day.

Tonight I rode into Ames to see Matt at Skunk River Cycles to set up our plans for the weekend. I rode around Ames some and enjoyed the trails. I put in about 2 hours of riding and then headed home. I have no clue how many miles I put in, but I sure had fun riding around the city. Jumping curbs just like when I was a kid.... and on a single speed. I now understand so clearly why people ride single speeds. I have yet to ride my Flight longer than 60 miles, but I can now see how people can ride singles for long distances. I guess I will find out on Saturday if I can be one of those people. Matt and I, along with Jim McGuire and Jerry Boran, will be riding the Trans Iowa Tune Up ride that my good friends Dave Pals and Guitar Ted. I hope that we have more than the six of us!

Happy training!


gjc said...

I wish I could be there. However, much I would like to do some gravel grinding with you and Jim, Dave P and GT, I hope to be putting in four hours of ss'ing some single track on Satruday and Sunday.

Take some pictures. Make me jealous.

Paul said...

I wish I could be doing that race with you! Sounds like you are going to rock it!

gjc said...

No rocking, just finishing. I could very well be the very last single speed finisher, in all seriousness. I am a wannabe, not a warrier.

Paul said...

Gary, you most certainly will not be the last single speeder. Come on. And, if you are, who cares! You finished and that seems like it is your goal anyway right?