Friday, May 16, 2008

Ok. Back at it!

I haven't ridden since this past Monday and I am going nuts! My wife and I are working diligently on our kitchen. We should be done tomorrow. We removed everything from our living room and had Lowes put in new carpet on Thursday. I should have everything (stereo, tv, etc.) back in order tomorrow. I started painting our shed tonight and hope to get that finished up by Sunday. We are driving to Forest City tomorrow morning at 7:00 to pick up a car we bought and then I have about 10 graduation parties to hit up on Saturday and another 10 on Sunday. It has been crazy.

Worst of all I have been way too lazy in the morning. Tammy gets up before 5:00 and puts in her 5-6 miles of running while I lay in bed. She gets back around 6 and I just sit around pushing snooze. What a waste of time.

One of these days I will become a real rider!

Attention!!!!! Sunday morning there will be a bunch of guys going out to Seven Oaks just outside of Boone. We are leaving Ames at 9:00 so you can could on us being there between 9:30-9:45. It looks like a bunch of guys from Des Moines will be there between 7-9 as well! The trail should be well ridden by noon!

Happy not so much training.


Andy said...

Hey Paul, got your invite. Thanks, but can't make it tomorrow. I'll try for next time....again!

Carney said...

No worries, all you missed was lots of mud and the resulting bike and clothing cleaning. However since I borrowed a jersey from Paul....he did part of my dirty laundry :)

Did you get into the Larime Enduro? I heard it sold out.

Paul said...

I am getting on the list. If you email the race director she will get you and entry so that you can get on the list.

Le Blaireau said...

Lazy bugger. Its summer, think about it this way: if it were weather like this three months ago would you not be out the house and on the bike?? always imagine winter just round the corner