Monday, May 26, 2008

Whoa! Double post today! I guess it is vacation!

After going out for a late lunch with some friends for a B-Day party I decided to hit up Seven Oaks. My goal was three laps in three hours. I started my first lap at 3:35. It wasn't long (the first 100 feet of trail!) I realized that it was going to be a slimy day at Seven Oaks. If you have ever ridden at Seven Oaks when it is wet you know exactly what I am talking about. Your tires feel like they are on glass covered with vaseline, especially on the clay portions of the trail. I rode slow and cautious and still has having some troubles in the off camber parts. I was having fun, but it was slow. I finished the first lap in 59 minutes (only one crash! GT, remember that somersault last year? Yeah, I got a 10 at least in the same spot!). I called the wife and to let her know I was still alive and going for lap two. After working out some dish network issues on the phone and then fixing a flat I was off for lap two.

This time the trail was slowly drying, but it was still slick. It was muddy enough that your tires were filling my chain stays so it certainly wasn't DRY that is for sure, but getting better. I realized that I may need to throw on a front derailler for my 1 X 8 set up as going over the bumps my chain would come off (only about 5 times per lap! %^( I finished this lap in 55 minutes. Another call home and I was off.

The third lap was getting quite a bit drier. I was able to make some of the climbs and turns I couldn't in the previous laps. I finished the third lap, once again, after a pretty good crash on a turn I normally make, in 55 minutes. So, 2:49 total so I met my goal. Kinda! It actually took me almost 4 hours total. It is strange, I don't feel like I stopped for an hour and 10 minutes, but those phone calls, stopping to put my chain back on, etc. really took up more time than I thought it would.

Wednesday night will be a trip to the Center trail in Des Moines (more than likely, unless the weather is bad!). We will leave Gilbert around 5:00 unless someone needs to leave a little after that to be able to come with us. Leave a comment if you are game.

Happy training.


Guitar Ted said...

That OTB at Seven Oaks was brutal! I am sorry you took the hit too, but it sounds as if you had some fun!

I am hoping to get down there to ride this summer sometime. Those trails are a blast!

Paul said...

It was fun! I will admit, riding out there is much more fun when I am in shape though!

That little bump where we both fell into the gully is pretty bad right now. Last weekend one of the guys I was riding with took the tumble as well. Someone will have to fix it as it just isn't fun trying to make that little hop over the gap going down hill. And the consequences are a little rough!

Have fun at Dirty Kanza!

Steve Fuller said...

Have a feeling that the trails may be a bit too wet after the rain this week and weekend. We'll have to see. not sure what I'm riding yet.