Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seven Oaks

Alex, Matt, Ian, Sal and I headed out to Seven Oaks today. The weather was perfect and the trails were in GREAT shape. There were a few muddy spots, but nothing horrible. I was loving the new rims and the geared set up. I think I may change it to a 30 up front and a 11-34 in the back. I can spin a bit more with that set up than the 32 X 11-32. I hope to either single speed it or to take out the Ibex next time to try something different! We will have to see!

Here are a few pics.


bontrag said...

Hey Paul. I tried the video again tonight and got it to work, that turned out really nice, the sound is maybe the most impressive part. I heard that crunch of my gears shifting, I never thought it sounded that harsh! Sounded like I broke something:) I'll have to try that on my cam next time.

I mentioned that course I took that I thought my interest you as you advise students. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's offered this fall, but I found the website from last year:

You can open all the powerpoints if you're interested, but the movies didn't seem to work for me. The most useful thing would be the links to the books. I know I'm biased, but if you can show high schoolers some highlights from this engineering class (albeit a little atypical) maybe we can convince some more that "engineering" is changing its definition.

The guy that runs that course works in the facility where I work:

(if any of these links, please let me know, I'll email you)

Over the summer, one of the interesting programs we put on is called the "REU" program:

Undergraduates (freshman/sophomores) get to come to VRAC and basically play with high tech toys. One project uses the new iPhone building applications for it. These kinds of programs really relate to high schoolers in my opinion, they take the math/drudgery out of engineering, and put the applications first. I'll let you know what else I can get ahold of. I'd really like to see more interest starting at a younger age when it comes to these projects:)

Mark said...

How do you make your pictures bigger. Have you biked the Reactor Woods in Ames before? I'm sure you have