Sunday, September 2, 2007

12 hours of Iowa report

I just couldn't wait any longer. I drove down to Des Moines and picked up the Flight around 8 pm Friday night. I rode around town a bit and felt like everything was dialed in at least a bit. Jim McGuire, Jerry Boran and I met up with Matt, Cory, Emily, and Nick at the Grove Cafe for a great breakfast. Within an hour we were setting up our gear. Jim announced that he had to be in Minneapolis by 1:00 pm on Sunday so he probably save my liver from some damage as I brought far more beverages than I really needed!

We started out at noon with the goal of having fun. I wanted McGuire to come down to ride this course as he had never rode it before. You see, on our climbing adventures it was always Jim that had a nice 5.4 short cut to the 5.6 route we had planned on climbing. Of course the 5.4 short cut was always unroped. So, I wanted to give Jim a good spanking and I think he got it! %^)

My first lap was around 1:03 with about 5 minutes on the sidelines tighting up my slider bolts. The pace was nice and comfortable, but a few of the hills were a bit tough for my VERY OUT OF SHAPE body. I took a 7 minute break and was back at it. My next lap went okay, but I was feeling the heat. It was pretty warm out I thought. I then took a break with Cory and friends and ate a bit. I was in no hurry. I went out for another lap and this lap actually was feeling a bit better. Took another break and chilled. I was pretty sore and feeling the single speed. Took off for another lap and was actually feeling pretty good as the temps were going down. Took another break and this time I almost fell asleep. Finally pulled myself up cramping and grunting in pain (my back was killing me and I was cramping like crazy! Serves my lazy ass right!) Off for my 5th lap and felt pretty good. Things were really flowing. It wasn't fast at 1:07, but I was feeling better. Things were getting dark at this point and I was pooped. I decided to call it a night as Jim wasn't even feeling up for driving home. Jerry was doing great! This was his second mountain bike race ever and he did a superb job!

So, I finished 5 laps in just over 7 hours. I was probably off the bike for a hour and 20 to an hour and 30 or so. If I had actually been in shape I think I may have done 8-9 laps in the 12 hours, but that certainly doesn't mean shit.

The Monocog Flight 29er ruled. I actually felt like I was riding a real bike. I did miss the suspension at times, but over all it rolled over things very nicely. The major difference I felt with the 29er was that it just kept on moving. My 26er would have died on many of the little inclines at Seven Oaks, but the Flight just kept on rolling. It was amazing. I am SO happy I got it.

Matt and I are already working out some plans for making it a great Trans Iowa machine.

Now, if getting a new bike doesn't get my out the door in the morning nothing will!

I want to say Congrats to Squirrel for his win at the 24 Hours of Iowa. I had the luxury of meeting Squirrel last March when he came up for a ride. What a great guy. He certainly deserved the win! Congrats again brother!


Guitar Ted said...


Hey, it was great seeing you again. Nice effort. You were making it look super easy, nothing like you are saying here, although I don't doubt it was a painfest. I was hurting too.

I thought you'd say something about my spectacular dismount there! Those trails had me working hard and not knowing them had me working even harder. The second lap was headed for a sub hour pace until my rear brake caliper decided to come unbolted! Oh well!

Glad you like the bike. It's a beauty. Hope ya have miles of smiles with it!

bontrag said...

Great to see you at 7 oaks Paul. Glad the bike worked out well for ya. You looked beat at the end there, so I know you put it all out there, nice work, 5 laps in 7 hours ain't nothin to scoff at:) Have a good one.

Simmons said...

Way to go Paul! Hope to see you at a "spring classic" next year. Nice bike!

Matt Maxwell said...

I have door prizes for you and Jim MacGuire at the shop. Great to see you out there. Once we got our replacement bike set up we had a pretty good time. Night laps were awesome.

Paul said...

Gt, it was great seeing you again. I am glad you were okay after that somersault. It was definitely a 10!

Alex, I hope you are feeling better and I can't wait to take you up on riding at Seven Oaks soon!

Simmons, thanks for the kind words. You have TI V.4 on the calendar don't you?!!?

Matt! SWEET! I appreciate you picking them up for us! I will be in very soon. Probably tomorrow (Wednesday!). We need to head out there for some night riding one of these weekends. I have to give it a try.... while fresh! %^)

gjc said...

hey, great job, Paul. So, are you going SS at TIV4?

Sounds like a brutal course, from all the descriptions of endos and face plants that I read about.

Paul said...

It isn't so much brutal as it is relentless. You really have to stay on your toes. It is a ton of fun.

I won't be riding single speed as of right now. I am planning on running 1 X 9. I will have cross tires on the Flight for sure and hopefully lighter rims (road rims with disc hubs?).

bontrag said...

Hey Paul, cross tires would be fine, but these would be even better:

Just picked up a set today and Emily's got a few of them.

How about this option?