Sunday, September 9, 2007


This past week has been a good one. School has gotten off to a great start. Things are flowing well. I have made some changes in how I do a few things at work this year and all is well. This summer I took a stress management class and I learned a great deal about how I stress myself out with certain things to the point that I put them off and that just stresses me out more. What I needed to do was learn a new system of doing what I was putting off so that it was more effective. Walla. Things are much better so far. Anyway....

This past week I have been getting in a good hours worth of riding each night. I am loving the single speed Flight, but I had to order an 18 tooth cog. The 20 tooth makes me spin just too much and I can already do that. I need something that can push me a bit more. Paddy's probably wondering why I still have that 32 tooth ring up front and not a 42!. I do need my knees!

A big shout out to my alma mater University of Northern Iowa for dominating Iowa State University this weekend! I had the luxury of going to the game! Luckily I wasn't pounded out back by an angry Cyclone fan!

Tammy and I cleaned the garage and the basement this weekend! While it wasn't that much fun it was nice working with Tammy (slave driver) and having our house back to being as clean as my wife's standards! Jim and Jerry... you would be impressed that my garage actually looks like a garage should!

I am sure you know, but you should definitely be checking out Trans Iowa V.4! I am sure it will be another brutal sufferfest to be had come April. I know I will be there!

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