Sunday, September 16, 2007

Priorities and Discipline

I have been riding about an hour a night, but still feel out of shape. I need to get my ass to bed earlier so I can get up early to start riding during the early morning. After going through some old pictures of the from 2004 when I was in the shape of my life I have found that I need to get back at it. I am only 7-8 lbs and some conditioning away, but from this vantage point it looks like a 1000 miles.

Rant off.


Travel Gravel said...

Paul, I found out a couple of weeks ago that the actual 'mound' in Pilot Mound is public land and it has been teasing me to ride up to it some Sunday. I know that there used to be ATV trails on it, but they may be over grown by now. Anyway, I was thinking of Riding up to PM and would welcome anyone who wants to go too. Do you have any Sundays coming up? Leave me a comment on my blog if so. Later!

Paul said...

I will keep in touch. I would love to go for a ride!