Sunday, September 23, 2007

I just got my ass handed to me!

Last night Tammy and I had her coworkers over for the fire pit and it was a blast. What fun people! Of course, now that Fat Tire is in Iowa I had a couple of helpings of the 22 oz bottles. Then, I met a few of my past coworkers at a sports bar in Des Moines for lunch today. Another few glasses of the good stuff went down. Then, I met up with Cory and Alex for a couple of laps at 7 Oaks. Ouch! I just don't have the horsepower to ride out there with a single speed. I love it, but for me it is just too much work to go fast. I am nearly always grinding away when I am naturally a spinner. My lap times are seriously about 15 minutes slower for the same effort I am putting in compared to my geared bike. I think if I had another couple of cogs on the back I think that it would be better as I am just hardly ever getting over the top of the gear. Of course, I am loving the Flight and I like the work out of the single speed, but it is tough. I am nearly maxing out my heart rate if I go for broke on some of the climbs. Hopefully my horse power problem will change, but with the little riding I have been doing it isn't going to change unless my training changes.

Work is going fantastic though. %^)


the inebriationist said...

The single will increase the power, give it time.

It was good to see you again. Last time I thought a week was too long to be back, now it seems not long enough. More to do this go around really ate up time.

Hopefully be back around Thanksgiving. But we'll see.

bontrag said...

You still did great Paul, and as your crash proves, you were going for broke. Don't let the pain ruin the "fun ride" aspect. It looked like with your rear hub, that you could throw on gears really quick. I've got a somewhat worn cassette you could pretty much have. Pick up a Deore rear der for $20 and an LX shifter for 40. Then if needed, a chainring guide. Should be about all you'd need.

Paul said...

I still don't know how I crashed, but it was one of those crashes that was fun after I realize I was ok! %^)

gpickle said...

Stay single Paul, if you feel over geared and have a natural spin then go with it. Eppen always tells me what gear combos to run and I always go one easier than he says because not only is he a much better knobby rider than me, he is more powerful to boot. Bastard. His gear combos make me miserable. Just buy some cogs and experiment, its part of the fun of single speeding.

Nice to see your blog again!

gjc said...

Hey Paul, I know the feeling. I tried to ride the Poto today on the SS 29er at 38 x 17. My heart rate was in the high 170s so often I almost puked. Had to walk hills that normally I make when I am geared at 2:1.

So, experiment as gpickle said.

or you could just harden the fuck up.

Paul said...

And I am complaining about 32 X 20, which actually isn't that easy at Seven Oaks for weaklings like myself.

I like your final advice. That is what I need that is for sure!