Thursday, April 17, 2008


I rode into Ames yesterday to Skunk River Cycles. I picked up a new product that I hadn't seen before. I have seen the Sports Beans before, but not the caffeinated version! So I had to pick up six packets for the upcoming Trans Iowa.
I then picked up two presta tubes for my Ignitors as my new rims are presta while the rims that came with my Flight are schrader. I then rode to Petersen Pits to ride the single track. I was to meet Paul Varnum there IF he could make it. While waiting for a few minutes along came Greg. I can be horrible with names and I even called Greg by the name of Jeff a couple of times. Once again, I am the idiot of the month! It was awesome that Greg came over.

He hit up the trails and within 20 minutes we ran into Alex on his Kona Kola 29 (SWEET!). We did a bit of riding and made our way over to Casa De Varnum's house. A nice cold one went down MIGHTY fine that is for sure! Thanks Paul!

While sitting at Paul's, Will from Skunk River rode up! It was getting dark so we headed back through the trails back to Petersen's. These guys smoked me while I was on the single speed! I was maxing out my heart rate just keeping up with these speed demons and I had a blast doing it! We decided that we need to start having a Wednesday night ride so keep watching the blogs for more info!

Just over a week until TI!


Carney said...

The caffeinated sport beans rock!! The only problem is they don't come in the bulk 5 lb bags like regular gummy beans...

Travel Gravel said...

I tried Sport Beans at the 24 last year and I think they pickled my gut! I would eat all of what you bought and see if they agree with your system, then buy more if you tolerate them. I'm just saying... My pastor calls me Geoff all the time because there is a Christian rocker named Geoff Moore, it's fine. I hope Wed. rides can get going, we'll see what develops. Later!

bontrag said...

Hey Paul. Thanks for posting, you could probably see the wear on my face from working on school stuff a lot lately. I will need to get something turned in for my thesis by next friday, so I probably won't be out this next wednesday, but after next week I can start to see some more time freeing up. After May 9th I'll be really free. I hope to catch some rides with you guys as you recover from the big race:) Good luck, take it easy and rest up for the 300+ mile adventure.

Steve Fuller said...

Be careful with trying new stuff this close to an event. I agree with the try them out on a long ride first tip. You don't want to take chances this close to the end of your ride prep.

BTW, I'd suggest ending your Wed night rides with tacos and beer. :)