Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Single Track of the Year!

I took off for a few hour ride this afternoon. I rode the single track in Petersen Pits and McFarland and had a ball! I did end up getting a flat and ended up walking to Paul Varnum's house about a mile away. All winter long I took my pump along and today I didn't! Serves me right! The single track was in the best shape I have seen yet!

So... On Wednesday night I would like to meet up with any area riders that would like to ride at Petersens and McFarland single track. We will meet at the beach at 6:00! Alex? Paul (notice the day change!)? Matt? Emily?

Happy training.


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gpickle said...

Just ride those flats Paul, it will supple up yer tire casing and save you time besides.