Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trans Iowa

Yes, Trans Iowa is hard, but more on that later!

Some great things about Trans Iowa this year:

1. Lots of hills means tons of fun! I would much rather be doing some climbing than riding 300 miles of flatness. BORING!

2. The friends! Blogging and riding have been great avenues in meeting wonderful people. Friday night will be a great time.

3. 345 miles of gravelly goodness. Plus, TI has been longer than stated every year (well, who knows about v.2) so this has to be the year that it is actually shorter than stated! Yeah right.

4. So far, we have had a pretty dry spring (until this week)! Let's hope it stays that way!

5. Hardly any 24 hour gas stations. No wasting time this year means lots of time on the bike!

6. One of the best things about TI this year? TWO CHECK POINTS! This will really help! This year the first check point is the shortest distance from the start ever! Then, just a lowly 102 miles later is check point two! This will be HUGE this year. For me, to put this race into three segments will help me, and I am sure a lot of riders, to keep things into prospective. We won't have to focus on the 200 miles to go from the check point (V.3!)

Happy training!

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