Saturday, April 12, 2008

Running and biking

I woke up to a good inch of snow on the ground this morning. Wow. I can't remember it snowing this late in the year, but I am sure it has.

Went to the gym today with Tammy. I rode the exercise bike for an hour and ran for 35 minutes. I hadn't run for a long time and it felt great. I started slow (9 min pace), but kept jacking it up every 2-5 minutes and ended at 6:45 pace. Man, I love to run. Like cycling, I am not fast, but I sure love it.

So, today I want to do some research on some good single track races. I am not really a XC type of guy, but I would do one or two. I would really like to do some 6hr and 12 hr or century races. Any suggestions? Anyone do the Laramie Enduro?

Happy training.


Chris said...


I hear great things about Laramie. Dave Nice has done it and Ed also.

SquidBuzz said...

You might want to check out some of the WEMS races in Wisconsin. Blue Mounds and Levi Trow are good.

Paul said...

Squid! THANKS a ton! You Levi looks amazing! I appreciate it a lot!

See you in two weeks at TI! You bringing your music again?

bontrag said...

Hey Paul. Thought you might like this:

Carney said...

I'll second hitting up the WEMS races in wisconsin. $15 entry fee, super sweet and low key racin. Levi Trow is a super fun course and blue mounds is crazy rocky...but fun.

Also, I'm hoping to hit up the Laramie race being it's only 60 min away. Let me know if you come out!

Paul said...


I will most certainly let you know if I am coming out! I would love to do that race! We are considering vacationing that next week in Vail so it would essentially be on the way!

I will be in touch!

After checking out the pics of Levi Trow it looks amazing! I don't know if I would be up for the 100 miler, but maybe they hold a 6 or 12 hour.

Thanks guys!

Steve Fuller said...

6:45 is slow? I have a feeling that our standards are not quite the same when it comes to running ;)

SquidBuzz said...

No music bag this trip. I'm having a custom big seat bag made for TI so I'll be wearing the custom molded ear buds I had made this spring. The bag will come back out for the Death Ride if I'm invited and then any other long ride that I'm on.