Friday, April 11, 2008

Just not for me!

This past week the weather has been absolutely shitty or I have been busy (mom had surgery on Wednesday!). So, no riding for me. While I could be out riding in 30 mph winds with a driving rain, I have thought better of it. I have done it before and it has cost me brakes on a century ride and $100 worth of drive train parts in the past. Not doing it this close to TI.

I am REALLY looking forward to TI. It will be a great challenge and I am very excited for it! And, in all honestly, even though I have been a crab this year, I really think I have what it is going to take. I have gotten stronger, even though I am still weak!, and I have most of all gotten smarter about all of this stuff. My plan is still to go lightweight. It will depend on the cue sheets we get on Friday night and the weather, but I will be carrying two 24 ounce bottles and two 32 ounce bottles, a Mountainsmith lumbar pack with a coat, arm and leg warmers and a pair of wind and waterproof socks, and food. I am not going to bring a bunch of clothes and I am only going to be carrying about 60 ounces of fluid with me except when the distance to the next stop is 60 miles or further. I drink just over 1 oz per mile while riding gravel during cooler weather so I will plan on stopping for a refill every 50 or so miles when I can. At night, I will fill up the bottles, and go.

I also have a frame bag (AWESOME!) and a stem bag for food. I have found that this is the way to go! It is so nice just to have everything right there. I will also have my cell phone and camera in the frame bag.

I am going as light as I can. I will have to weigh my bike, but I am guessing it is around 24-25 pounds with my barends on. As some of you know, I run my barends on the center of my handlebars. They act much like aerobars, but do not have the elbow pads. When going into the wind, these REALLY help. They have been a great addition.

If only my dad still had his Puch. I would ride that for TI!

BTW, I got an email today from a guy that whizzed by me at Dirty Kanza last year and he will also be up in Decorah for Trans Iowa. He actually thanked me for writing this blog. I had a good laugh. Thanks though.

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Le Blaireau said...

Good luck for the race, sure you're super excited