Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It should be easy!

I have some choices to make and it surprising how greedy I can be sometimes. Here is my dilemma: I really want to get the bike below, and I think I can get a pretty darn good deal on it, but I also want to refinance on my house. If I refinance I would more than likely go to a 15 year mortgage at less than 5%! In order to get that I will have to put a bit of money down (closing costs and to get a bit more equity in my house) so there goes the bike (I think!). Of course, I want both, and maybe that can happen, but this has been the problem with our society of late. We want everything. I am trying to be smart here. It should be so easy, but I also want the bike. I sound stupid don't it?!!? So, I have decided, I have to get the refi done and then see where I stand. If we get refi to workout then I deserve that bike right? %^)

It is still a lot of money!


MrDaveyGie said...

My vote is yes get the bike. It is a great investment in health and happiness. :-)

Carney said...

You've read it before - but I can't help posting it:

If you want to die the richest man, then just stay sharp. Keep investing. Don't spend anything. Don't eat any of the capital. Don't have a good time. Don't get to know yourself. Don't give anything away. Keep it all. Die as rich as you can....But you know what? I heard an expression that puts it well: There's no pocket on that last shirt.
- Susie Tompkins Buell

Paul said...

You are right Andrew, I just have a hard time pulling the trigger. If I do buy the bike I will be heading your way for a couple of days for sure!