Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sweet Ride

Stephen Carney and I took off for a wonderful ride today. It was about 40 degrees or so and the gravel was very soupy as it was covered in ice for the past week. Poor Stephan was on an old Fuji road bike set up fixed with platform pedals! Of course, the guy is an animal so he had no problems. He tried to make me feel better as our closing miles were into the 20-25 mph winds telling me he was tired. Yeah right, he also said his pulse was 140! I am sure mine was at least 165-170 and I had an easier gear than him!

We ended up riding 32 miles, unless of course, Stephen went out for another lap!

I can't wait for another ride! Christmas break (two weeks this year!) is going to be amazing!

I can't decide if I should run tomorrow or not. I will let you know.

Happy training.


Carney said...

Trust me, he doesn't feel pain!

Paul said...

That is exactly what I was thinking!

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