Sunday, January 27, 2008

13 weeks and counting

I went out for a 2.5 hour ride and it felt great. I wish I would have went for the century! Maybe next weekend!

It is time to really start getting after it. We only have 13 weeks now until Trans Iowa. I need to get my butt riding in the morning to get some miles in. My running and lifting are going ok, but I need to be on the bike more. I am going to write out some goals and see what happens. It sure is easy to make goals, but I need to actually follow through with them. So, here are a few goals:

1. Ride 8 hours this week and continue to ramp it up as we get closer to TI.
2. Continue lifting and running 3 days a week. Ramp up the mileage. Instead of running for 30 minutes I am going to run 40 minutes this week and shoot for around 5 miles give or take a tenth or two.
3. Continue this week with sets of 15 reps while lifting but then for all of February drop down to 6-8 reps.
4. Get my rims purchased as I still have a few more items to buy before Trans Iowa.

I guess we will see how this goes.

Happy training.


gjc said...

My first 2008 century is scheduled for next weekend, weather permitting. Today was not too bad, although riding four hours plus through snowdrifts, slush, and sleet is no fun .

13 weeks? are you kidding me?

Mike Howard said...

Keep at Paul ! 13 weeks won't take long to get here.