Friday, January 11, 2008

Kids, Don't Do This Either

Came home to a driveway full of screws today. Unfortunately, it was too late when we figured it out! And I am one of the good guys at the school. At least I don't have a hate group on Facebook like some of the other teachers.

And people wonder why people leave the teaching profession.


Travel Gravel said...

No child left behind - keep them in FRONT of you, so you know which ones to expell!

bontrag said...

I second Greg on that one. I grew up in a very strict family, and attended a Catholic school from K-12. Keep them in front of you. In my schools, in my family, a "hate" message in any form would be enough for expulsion, any actions got the police involved.

Maybe you can find some hope in the fact that every presidential candidate has schools at the top of their list of "to-dos". Your job is more important than any engineering job I get. Even as an engineer I'll be looking to mentor younger engineers with the things I've learned.

If you think it's worth your time to do something about it, I strongly encourage you to get all the parents together show them the damage. In our world of "keeping up with the Joneses" parents seeing their kids compared to other parents' kids might motivate them to get more involved.