Sunday, January 27, 2008

As my dad would say, "Darn it anyhow!".

On Saturday Paula had to work, we had errands to run, my work was piling up, at night Paula had a winter formal and Tammy and I had a date planned. I decided Friday night not to ride and be responsible for getting my stuff done. Sunday was to be a warmer day anyway. Tammy and I went to the gym around 9 to run and lift. So, I did that, but after getting home my back hurt "like the dickens". It must be that reverse crunch machine. So, I hobbled around most of the afternoon. We went to go see a movie and I had to get up and walk around a few times as my back was killing me. So, here it is Sunday morning and I am not riding. I may go for just a bit, but I am still pretty sore. Damn it. I guess there will be other days.

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