Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The last day of vacation

This morning I went into Skunk River Cycles in order to get a slick tire for the Ibex. I then put the Ibex on the trainer down in the basement. I pulled a Kerkove and watched some while spinning. This was my first time on a trainer in 18 years. They certainly have gotten a lot quieter. Thanks Paul for letting me use it.

After just a half an hour of spinning (man do the minutes go by slowly!) I went to the gym to run and lift. Here is what I did today.

10 minute warm up at 9:45 pace.
6 X 1/4 of a mile repeats at 6:00 pace with a 1:30 walk break between repeats (I still have a goal of breaking my 5K pr in the next couple of months! %^)
5 minute cool down

I then started my lifts. Now, I really should be doing more legs, but....
All of these are on machines:
1. Tricep extension
2. Bicep Curl
3. Leg extension
4. Leg curl (hamstrings)
5. Leg press
6. Bench Press
7. Shoulder Press
8. Pectorial Fly
9. Overhead Press (This is a &itch to say the least! I am so weak!) No wonder carrying my bike during TI V.2 was so hard!
10. Row
11. Lat pull down
12. Ab machine (crunch)
13. Lower ab crunch on a ball

Right now I am just doing one set of 15. When I can complete the 15 at least somewhat comfortably I go up to the next weight the next time. I just keep moving up until I have a very hard time finishing 15 or I come close. By the end of January I will move to something like, one set of 8 and another set of 3-4. I hope to be running for a longer time as well. Probably 45-60 minutes with a long run of 1.5-2 hours. I will be biking at least some until March when I will really start getting after it! Let's hope the temps are atleast reasonable!

Happy training!

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