Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not the greatest of starts to a wonderful day.

I slept in to 9:00 and it was wonderful! I had plans of leaving the house at 9:40 to get to Ada Hayden about 5 minutes early. I hate being late. Well, I was dressed to go and I needed to decide what bike to ride. I went down stairs to the nice and clean Flight that I wanted to keep that way! Plus, it had a slick on it to ride on the trainer. So, I ran back up stairs to ride the Ibex. I put my boots back on and grabbed the bike! It was now 9:50 and I needed to get going. Then I noticed my pedals where still on the Flight. I called Paul Varnum up to (I was pissed by this point!) tell him that I was running late. Off came the boots ran back down stairs to take off the pedals and a tool to take my water bottle cage off another bike in the garage to put on the Ibex. Got the pedals on and then remembered the front tire was all but flat. Off came the boots, I was swearing up a storm and I ran down stairs to grab the pump. I pumped up the tires and called Paul. It was 10:10! He was very understanding and he said he was waiting. I trucked it full bore to Ada Hayden nearly shot from riding nearly 20 mph down the gravel to get to the park. I roll up to a group of five guys. I recognized a few of them as being some very good racers in the area. Great first impressions. For a guy that hates to be late I felt like the dumb ass of the month. They were all great guys and we were on the road within the minute.

All I can say is wow! It was obvious from the start that these guys had been chomping at the bit as they took off like guys that just had to wait in 13 degree weather for the dufus on an Ibex! So, I worked and worked to try not to get gapped to bad and my heart rate had to be near maxed out at times. There were times I would lose them and ride with the second group of guys that weren't in the mood to ride possessed. Then I would put it in the big ring and would bridge the gap (I won't say that they were waiting for us, but there were!). We got about 1/2 way into the ride and all of a sudden Alex, Andrew and I were pulling away from the group and we just had a blast. We got to Paul's house and all cracked open a WONDERFUL assortment of beers. What a treat.

Now, if per chance, any of the guys that rode today would read this they probably thought it was a very causal ride, but I got worked over today in a very good way! One, I was pushed for nearly 100% of the time. Two, it was just the right amount of work to make it fun and rewarding. Three, I couldn't have been with a group of better guys. This is what going for a ride should be like. I just wish it could have been longer! Not that I thought that while riding though! Also, this ride was confirmation that the work of running and lifting has helped my strength and endurance. I still have a long ways to go, but it was proof that I am going in the right direction.

Thanks Paul for a wonderful ride and thanks for waiting for me.

Yes, my legs are wiped out!

After I got back I made a pot of coffee and then Tammy and I watched Batman Begins and then we went and saw Dan in Real Life at the dollar theater. Right this second she is making me a great meal. Also, this afternoon she asked me if I would run the Whistle Stop Marathon with her in October.

Life is great.


bontrag said...

Good to ride with ya Paul. We weren't waitin long today, don't worry about it at all. I'm the same way I hate to be late. But a bunch of bikers always have a lot to chat about:)

The ride felt pretty casual for me, you really ought to try some faster rolling tires. I had my tires at 45-50 psi. And being 700c diameter it makes a big difference. I agree, it was the kind of ride we need more often, it'd be nice if it were a bit warmer though:) See ya next time.

Paul said...


That is the difference between riding a mediocre mountain bike and a nice cyclocross.

It won't be long now until I am running a 700 c cyclocross tire on some light weight rims. That should help. Today's beating was good for me.

bontrag said...

Agreed, I'll try to keep up when you get the cross setup for your flight:) Should be a good spring season of riding.

Carney said...

Great to finally meet ya Paul, No worries about being a few minutes late. I was the first one there at about 10:05....had to make a coffee stop to clear up the hangover!! I'll let ya know if I can get my ass in gear enough to do the grand loop race this spring.....I'm sure you know more about the race than I do...I tend to find something like that and just wing it. Ride on!!

chris hansen said...

nice meetin ya paul. hope we can do it again sumday

Paul said...


It was great riding with you. Keep watching Paul V's blog as we usually advertise our weekend rides when we can get out!

barb michelen said...

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Cornbread said...

Dang dude, you run too! You're a madman! :)