Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hold on a minute

I am going to have to postpone my Trans Iowa thread for a few days. I have gotten too busy to think about it.

I picked up a new light tonight. Dave Nice has been using it and loves it so it must be good! It is the Princeton Tec Apex headlamp.

I took it out just for about 10 minutes and so far so good. The light is very bright, especially compared to the lights I am using now. On high I would feel pretty comfortable riding single track I am sure. I need to order a handle bar mount from Princeton Tec (Dave?) as wearing it with the strap is kind of funky, but surprisingly not that uncomfortable!

I threw on the 36 tooth Salsa ring tonight. I will go for a ride tomorrow to see how it feels on the gravel. The lowest gear on the cogset is 36 X 32. I would think that would be low enough as I have climbed the Des Moines river valley hills on 32 X 17 before.

Well, the GRAID is going to happen on Saturday, but the forecast has been up in the air a bit with the wind direction. So far it appears that we will have an excellent day, we just need to figure out which way the wind will be coming from. As of right now Accuweather is calling for SE wind, which would be perfect if we left from the south, but not from the north (DUH!). I am making the call on Thursday afternoon. Hopefully things won't change too much from Thursday to Saturday!

Rode for roughly two hours tonight around Ames. I am sure loving my new rims and tires!

Happy training!


Carney said...

Best of luck with the GRAID. May the weather be warm and the wind at your back!

Joe said...

Good luck on the GRAID today!