Friday, March 7, 2008

Why wait until tomorrow

I am planning on riding with Paul V. tomorrow and I could just as easily written this after that ride, but I couldn't wait.

I am starting to enjoy commuting to Ames. Tonight I had to ride down to the south side of Ames so it was about 9 miles taking the most direct route. After my appointment I headed back home. For the 18 miles it took me 1:24. Not setting any records by any means. I took it very easy as I just want to get some time on the bike without pushing my achilles too far. Today I would say it was about 90 percent or so. Hardly any discomfort, no pain, but it is tender and weak feeling. Of course, this certainly could be psychological as well.

I have been riding my Ibex hardtail with gears. I am missing the single speed, but right now I think this is a wise choice. I am falling in love with this bike again as well. Ibex makes some kick ass bikes for a good price that is for sure. Don't knock them unless you have tried one. I haven't met an unhappy Ibex owner yet.

Well, the achilles held up well during the ride. No pain, just a bit of tenderness. I plan on riding 2.5-3 hours tomorrow with Paul at a nice and easy pace so we will see how it goes.

More tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Happy training.

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Paul Varnum said...

Yup, nice and easy. I got a feeling I'm in for an ass kicking on Sunday, so nice and easy is perfect. See you tomorrow.