Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well, call me a wimp, but my achilles on my right foot is killing me. I hasn't been too bad except for the last couple of days. I have been standing and walking all day at work when I am normally sitting 90 percent of the time. I think this has continued to strain my achilles and it is REALLY getting old. I haven't ridden since Saturday. I think that I will the next day, but my pain hasn't improved and at times it feels even worse. That is after taking three Aleve twice a day. So, I am going to ride some on Saturday and if I don't feel better VERY soon, I am going to have to post pone the GRAID ride. The last thing I want to do is cause problems that become chronic problems. So, more rest I guess. The GRAID will always be there right?

Happy resting.


B I D W E L L said...

Is the pain just below your calf?
I had to lay off due to an extremely sore soleus muscle. Slowly getting back into it. Hills were doing it to me, that and not stretching adequately. Lots of articles about it in various forums. Get well man!! Were going to see you at the TI finish line!

bontrag said...

Did you try moving your seat and your cleat position Paul?

Paul Varnum said...

I had some touble with IT band pain a couple of winters ago, and tried all sorts of things to fix it. In the end, warm weather was all that was needed to make the pain go away. I hope your trouble is as simple to fix.

bontrag said...

My Grandpa was a physical therapist. I had an IT band problem too. There's specific stretches you can do to take care of that in no time, cold weather or not. Same would go for your Achilles Paul. Very light lifting to strengthen your achilles, and very easy stretching for 20 minutes, and lots of ice when you're sittin on the couch.