Monday, March 3, 2008

Okay I am cheating

Yesterday I promised no internet until I had put in an hour of riding or 4 miles of running. I had another 14 hour day so I just squeezed in 30 minutes.

My right achilles heal is killing me. I have now switched to my geared bike and am spun nice and easy tonight on the streets of Gilbert. Here is my theory, I think I need to drop my seat a few millimeters on the Flight, change to an easier gear, and stop using my winter shoes as I can not move the cleats back any further. I know that I am ankling on the Flight so I am going to give it up for a bit to try to heal up. Seriously, it my achilles literally feels like it is burning.


Happy training.


Cellarrat said...

Paul~ what are yah useing for shoes and pedals?

maybe your cleet has moved?

whats your saddle hight looking like compared to your other bike(s)?

Paul said...

I have been using different shoes this winter and since they are a little big I can't move the cleat back quite as far (I think!). Also, I am positive that my seat is higher on my 29er, but I thought that it was at the right height, but it may be a little to high. I think the may culprit is that I have been pulling through the bottom and the back of the pedal stroke too much. I am going to take it easy just spinning now instead of mashing and see if that makes a difference.


B I D W E L L said...

Hope it gets better for you- You'll figure it out! I have had my share of heel pains. On another note, our local deputy sheriff, the principle, county engineer, and myself have a little monthly challenge going. Everybody chips in 10 dollars and whoever gets 100 miles running for the month, gets to keep his money ;) No treadmill either(broken) It's funny how something as trivial as that seriously motivates a guy! I'm at 20 as of this COLD morning! Keep up the post's even if it's a half hour ride!!

the inebriationist said...

You've been putting on the miles, so you deserve a rest. Big gear is probably good for training (lots of little leg presses), but I agree this may be a sign to step it down a bit to something more manageable for uber-distance. Don't want pedal strokes to be too stiff, especially when fatigued late in the day...or early morning.

Heal up Paul.

bontrag said...

I agree, rest up first Paul, that's the biggest culprit.

The second thing though, don't slide your cleats around so much. You're right about the bigger winter shoes, but try moving your seat on its rails as well as small cleat adjustments.

If shoes are really that much bigger (by that I mean, your toes are actually farther from the front) you can adjust you cleats back a bit, and move your seat forward too.

Lemme know how/if the 1x9 project is coming, I'm interested to know what your plans are.