Saturday, March 8, 2008


I got my ass handed to me today!

I headed over to Paul Varnum's house and we took off for a 2 hour ride. I could tell within the first mile or two that I was a bit off. I was having to work somewhat hard to stay with Paul and we usually are of the same ability. I got to our 1 hour turn around and within about 15 minutes I was really starting to wear down. I just couldn't hold the moderate pace of 12-13 miles per hour on the gravel. Then with about 8 miles to go to his house I was getting dizzy and felt like puking my guts out. I just felt like total shit. Bonkville all the way. I was losing ground to Paul and we were only going about 10 at this point! I was forced to take a break at Paul's place for a drink and a gel. I took off about a half an hour later and I could tell the gel helped, but it was short lived as about a mile from home I was dizzy and nauseated again. I just didn't have it today.

Two hours and 55 minutes with something around 35 miles. I don't think it is my fitness as I should easily be able to ride for that long at an easy pace. I wonder if I am coming down with something or didn't eat enough or something. It was just one of those rides.

The good news? No ankle pain during the ride. I am a bit tender now, but no pain. I will probably just do an hour easy tomorrow and then hit it again on Monday for a couple of hours.

Happy training!

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