Friday, February 15, 2008

Can you believe it!

I got my ass out of bed at 4:45 and went to the gym.

The last six weeks or so it hasn't been the getting out of bed that is the problem, it is not going to work instead of working out.

I may actually go to a spin class tonight or tomorrow. That would be scary!

Happy training!


Carney said...

Spin classes scare me!! never been to one, but I just cant seem to take cycling orders from some freshman HHP major at the rec who just learned what clipless pedals are!

Paul said...

Yeah. It will be interesting!

I think I might take some Kerkove style pics on the spinner. Okay, maybe not!

Look up to Longs Peak for me when you get a chance! You need to do the Meeker Longs double! The back side of Longs sucks big time.... in a good way!

Carney said...

I did the meeker/longs route up the col a few years back, but we ended up opting out of the short detour up meeker and settled on a technical finish to longs that had a several pitch route to the summit...but we got lost on the back side and had to can that idea as well...we got the summit...but the day was a bit of a disappointment. (hauling all that trad gear and never using it is good training I guess?)

Some weekend this spring I want to load up the trailer, ride up there, climb longs and then ride back home....time will tell if it actually happens though!