Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday Ride

Got out for a little ride today. It actually was a BEAUTIFUL day with temps around 30, sunny skies, and about a 15 mph wind from the SSE. I took off to do just a bit of the GRAID route south of Gilbert.

I left Gilbert at 1:00 in the afternoon after volunteering in the morning at a middle school basketball tournament. I got to a co-workers house around 2:00 as they wanted me to stop by to see their new kitchen. Well, that turned into an hour and a half as we watched the UNI vs. Drake game. I was on the road again by 3:30 (this stop actually was good as it stopped me from going for a century ride as it turns out would have been a bit far). I headed south of Ledges State Park where I crossed the Des Moines river valley. I continued to K Ave where the GRAID route would continue south, but instead I went north into Ogden. I stopped and had some pizza just before 6:00.

From Ogden I continued north (loving the wind at my back!) and made my way to Frasier and then the infamous Y Camp hill. I will admit, by achilles was starting to ache a bit and I had to do the climb with a few stops. For me, the gearing, the tired legs and the 10% grade on muddy gravel was too much. I continued home with my right achilles burning which wasn't much fun, but I made it home without a bonk and had plenty left in the tank (even though this picture makes me took like death!).

So 8 hours after I left (with 2 hours off the bike) I made it about 70 miles back home. Here is the route via mapmyride. I do question the accuracy of the map as gps had me at 70 and change. I wonder if mapmyride is able to get in all the inclines and declines that would certainly add a little distance.

Another metric century for the Cup of Dirt.

Happy training.


Joe said...

Way to go Paul! I got out for about 20 miles Saturday morning. I don't need the big training miles since I'm no longer on the TI roster. I'm glad I got out yesterday as today is a bust for riding... more winter storms for Iowa. Just curious, what's your gearing on the bike. I had mine single-speeded for a month [32x18], but put the cassette and rear D back on last week.

Joe in Osage

Paul said...

I have mine at 32 X 17. I think I am going to switch to 32 X 16, but it will suck for going into a stiff wind, but great for the flats with little wind.

It felt like summer outside yesterday! Isn't that sad!

Neve_r_est said...

You must've had less wind over there. It sure didn't feel like summer here, took me 9 hours to get 100. Windy, muddy, icy, windy.


Paul said...

Well Dennis, it felt like summer compared to what we have been having. Going into the wind was a little cooler. I was over dressed I guess.

I don't know if that was 9 hours of riding time or 9 hours total for 100 miles, but it took me 8 hours for 70 miles (around 6 hours) riding time. Going into the wind was some work that is for sure. It always is for me!

Carney said...

Nice work! I think all this warm weather here is making me a wuss. I don't even want to think about frozen gravel!!