Friday, February 29, 2008

More excuses ahead

Well, what a crappy week for riding. Monday, we have horrible weather and get out of school by 11:00. Rain, then snow equals too much ice to want to ride! Wednesday and Thursday I put in 14 hour days = no riding. Yesterday morning I had awesome plans for a ride down by Winterset to do some recon work for the GRAID, but at 9:15 am I get a call from a parent at school and her husband had just tragically had a heart attack and passed away. Her two sons left for school that morning with their loving father at home. Two hours later they get called into my office to have their mother give them the news. What a tragedy!

So, last night my plans went out the window. I am now home (day off!) with my 15 year old daughter while my wife is at work. Yes, I could be riding today, but you know, today is a pretty darn good day just to spend some time with my kid. I may get out for a little tonight after the ice starts melting. We will see.

Family first.


the inebriationist said...

You're a good man Charlie Brown. Wish I could make back for the GRAID. My rides here are in the 18-20mph range for 3 hours, sometimes a bit more. I need your influence to get me in the saddle for an entire day. We'll see how or if this riding translates come April. I'll get a few entire day burns in before then...I hope.

Paul said...

Cory, I miss riding with you big time. It was so nice to know that you were going to be at my house to get my ass out riding or that I would be picking you up. It is way too easy to put off when there is no one to ride with. Also, I always wanted to punish you %^) so now I don't go long as much any more either. It is going to hurt for the GRAID that is for sure!