Monday, February 18, 2008

Feeling Great!

I woke up Sunday morning to a little soreness, but not too bad. The weather sucked and the roads were in horrible shape so I stayed home all day. I plan on getting up butt crack early to get to the gym to ride for an hour or so on the exercise bike (what fun!) as these cold temps just suck too much for me to have any fun at all. I can't believe it isn't warming up yet. Maybe next week!

I am considering a bit of GRAID recon this weekend. I haven't decided 100% what I will be doing yet, but if we have favorable conditions then it should be a good day!

After this past Saturday's ride I am feeling good about TI even though my training has sucked. We still have a ways to go. As far as I see it, in an event like TI, if you can train your body to ride for a very long time it doesn't matter if you can average 15 on the gravel or not. My goal is to finish whether that is within the time limit or not. My big mistake last year was the mistake in thinking I was outside of the pace to finish on time. What I didn't realize at the time was the guys that finished around 32 hours where only about 8-9 miles ahead of me when I called it a day at the 200 mile mark. I will take this knowledge with me on TI V.4!

Happy training!

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