Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Went to the gym on Tuesday morning for an hour ride on the exercise bike set on hills. I took it pretty easy. The main goal was to get some time pedaling. I will back tomorrow morning for another hour. It has been crazy, my achilles, while burning a bit during the last hour or so of last Saturday's ride, has been fine EXCEPT while driving. For whatever reason, pushing the gas pedal down and pushing on the brake it gets to be sore again. I will decide on my riding plans for the weekend depending on how tomorrow's ride goes.

The Des Moines crew is planning another hundy this weekend. And I think only one of them, Dennis Grelk (who isn't actually from DM) is signed up for Trans Iowa.

I did order a derailleur hanger for the Flight so I can put gears on it. Also, a friend is giving me a free mtb cassette. I will probably take the derailleur and shifters off of my other mountain bike for just a bit. I want to set up the Flight as a 1 X 9 to see how I like that for my long rides.

I also just ordered some Kenda Small Block 8 700c X 35 cross tires. With those tires and my new rims I will be losing over a pound per wheel. I would think that would help!

Has anyone ever tried these attachments onto their mtb handle bars? On my Flight I sit up more than I would like and am wondering how these would work on the long gravel rides I do. Any experience with these?

Happy training.


gpickle said...

Glad to see you are going to try the 1X9 set up Paul. I fear for the dedicated SS'ers bendable parts!

Matt Maxwell said...

We have some of those bar extensions at the shop. We've had them forever and I wouldn't be suprised if we could make you a deal of some sort.

bontrag said...

you wanna ride this weekend Paul? I was trying to see if anyone wanted to go?

Paul said...

I will be up for a some what short ride of 30-40 miles I think. I didn't get the 1 hour ride in today like I wanted so I am going to do it tomorrow if I can. Then we will see how I feel.

How about we meet at Ada Hayden at 9:00 AM