Monday, February 11, 2008

I have come to my senses!

Well, I have accepted that his winter is just going to be a lot colder than normal. Heck, in years past there have been golf courses opening within the next three weeks. We are at about -10 to -20 wind chills with at least a foot of snow on the ground with no sign of relief.

I have now come to the realization that I am just not going to be on the bike like I would like to be. And... after being frustrated to no end I have come to accept that there are much bigger problems in this world than having it be too cold to bike. I will live waiting a bit.

I hope to ride on Wednesday as it is suppose to be warmer outside and hopefully this weekend. I am thinking of leaving around 5 for a good three hour ride. If you are up for it let me know. Then there is squirrels ride this weekend?!!?

I did get 12 hours of skiing in on Saturday and woke up to being completely fresh. My brother in laws were hurting. So, the running and lifting seem to have helped there. I guess I will just keep at it.

If my friend Jon Billman can finish the GDR with only a few 30 mile rides as his longest rides before the race then I can probably get some rides in before TI and do okay. We will see. It is all mental anyway right!??! %^)

Happy training.


Joe said...

This winter does SUCK! Hang in there Paul!


Travel Gravel said...

Yogi says, "Half the game is 90% mental!" or something close to that. Later!

bontrag said...

Even though my rode home at night is about 10 degrees cooler I'm always on the verge of sweating due to the loud music in my ears. So just channel your angst into riding hard and fast and you'll get warm fast:) Least it works for me.

Carney said...

Sounds like I left just in time. I've been enjoying super warm temps, in fact, I got a bit of a sunburn yesterday up in the mtns! Although I'm a wuss now...anything colder than about 25, and I don't go out. But before you know it it'll be humid and you will have to ride just to stay cool!!

Cornbread said...

Fitness is the most important thing. As long as you're doing something you should be fine for TI. Keep that chin up. Warmer days are on the way!

Paul said...

Yeah, I saw your ride report! That looks like it put the hurt on! I can't imagine finishing that climb with a 12% grade climb. Ouch!

Can you imagine how much stronger you are going to be now?!!?